Operating Theatre Upgrade


Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf is upgrading its Operating Room facilities. The planned changes will ensure better cleaning, work flow and infection control. The drivers for improving the facilities are the increase in the number of surgeries and the establishment of the PAACS (Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons) surgery training program.

The planned upgrades to the Operating Rooms are:

  • Bring the floors up to standard by sealing them and filling in all corners for efficient cleaning
  • Enlarge and restructure the instrument cleaning area
  • Remove the large windows that are rusting and tile the walls
  • Add a dressing room to the doctors’ lounge
  • Convert the previous entry hall into a secure Pre-op Area
  • Move the secretary out of the clean area and into a new reception area in front of the Operating Rooms
  • Reopen the Recovery Room with two rolling, adjustable stretchers and add two patient monitors
  • Paint the walls and ceilings of the entire surgery suite with white, gloss paint
  • Purchase two chromed wire rolling shelving units
  • Purchase and install in the central area a large white board to list scheduled operations
  • Remove the existing porcelain sinks and replace them with a standard stainless-steel scrub sink

UPDATE: the hospital has finished the main renovations of the operating rooms. However, there is still a need for basic orthopedic instruments, which costs around $3,000USD.

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