Patient’s Stories

Below are just a few of the testimonials, comments and observations about the hospitals, patient care and outreach events received from patients, staff and community members that illustrate the unique relationships that the Harpur Memorial Hospitals have built up in the community over the years.

“I live in Menouf and I have come to the hospital more than 50 times. All of the services, the lab, clinics, x-ray, and pharmacy are in one site. The doctors are very honest. They are better than the best. The biggest differ-ence from other hospitals is the consultation with the doctors. I always feel listened to.” Fawzy

“Most people who are treated here comment that it is better than other hospitals which do not have a good system. At the other hospitals, there is a long waiting time, you are only assured good treatment if you pay a bribe, and there is a lack of sterilisations and cleaniness. Many people comment about how clean this hospital is.” Amal, HMN Receptionist

“I came to this hospital as I know the doctors care for the patients and examine thoroughly.” Ahmed

“I’m from a village in Menoufia and I’ve come here many times. I heard about the hospital from other people who recommended it to me, and when I came I found that it provided good care. The best thing about the hospital is the doctors. They deal with patients with respect. They are thorough and follow a scientific approach” Manal

“I come to this hospital as the prescriptions are more accurate than government hospitals. The medicine they prescribe fixes the problem. Here the doctors care for the patients. The staff in the government hospital didn’t talk to me in a polite way.” Rasha

“I am from Barheem, a village near Menouf. I’ve been coming here since my daughter (pictured left) was born. I’ve been to government hospitals before. There is chaos there, you keep asking for a doctor, and no-one helps you. Here there is a system and you can see a doctor. The doctors are better here; it is easy to talk with them and discuss the treatment.” Sama

“I come to this hospital because of the quality of the doctors. They are professional and better than other places.” Ali Mohamed Aly

In the village of New Kafr-Daoud, the outreach was held inside a mosque. The time scheduled for the clinics coincided with the prayer time of the mosque. The doctors asked the imam of the mosque “shall we come another time of the day?” The imam replied “Please feel free to come at prayer time as you are providing a valuable service to us. People will be able pray at another mosque.”

One Salafi Muslim patient said to Thanaa, one of the receptionists of the hospital, “Because of your smiling welcome, we feel very comfortable here. Half of our illness disappears when we step inside this place.” Another Salafi Muslim donated 1000 Egyptian pounds and lots of stationery from his bookshop to the hospital in recognition of the good services the hospital provided to his family. Another said, “You are a light in this city.”

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