Medical Outreach

The Medical Outreach Programme, operated and staffed by the doctors and nurses from HMH Menouf and HMH Sadat City, is well established in the Delta region, not just as the only source of primary medical care for many rural areas, but also as a community building team reaching out and bridging the gap between Christians and Muslims.

Each Medical Outreach event is different, depending on the needs of the local community and can include any of the following services: Dental, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Internal medicine, Paediatrics, Pharmacy, Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics.

Between January and November 2013, Medical Outreach teams examined and or treated 4,862 people during 34 events

The Mobile Clinic arrives
The eye team did an outreach to a village called El-Galabetta, about 40 kilometers from Menouf, where the entire population is Muslim. One man came for an examination however, when he arrived at the mobile clinic, he found that the only doctor was a Christian female. He initially refused to enter and be examined but one of the staff of the outreach team, Youssef the bus driver, convinced him to be examined.

As he left, the man said to the staff “I didn’t expect that you would treat us so well. Thank you for your faithfulness and care to us. Thank you for coming and serving our needy village.”

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The Medical Outreach teams often uses a mobile clinic which was a donation from the Diocese of Singapore, and they also work closely with local organisations such as Misr el Kheir, a non-profit organisation chaired by the Grand Mufti of Egypt. These events also help to create stronger links with the community and encourage people to attend at one of the hospitals. Patients referred from outreaches are offered a 25-50% discount on treatment at the hospitals and, if required, cataract surgery is provided for free.

Before doing an outreach at a new place, staff from the hospital visit the location to discuss the venue and facilities for the outreach. They ensure that the community leaders (usually from the local mosque or church) prepare the venue adequately, and ensure that the venue will be ready so that the doctors can start examining patients as soon as they arrive. There is a strong community ownership as the community leaders must provide a clean and suitable place for the outreach, ensure that there are separate rooms, or curtains are put up, to make separate clinics, write a list of patients in advance, and provide administrative assistance on the day of the outreach.


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